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Máy đóng gói linh kiện ET-ST10



1, Track width can work freely in the range of 8mm to72mm, the screen is easy and convenient for operate and control. 

2, Fine adjustment head installed in hot-press device, adjustment of sealing position can accurate to±0.1mm, independent PID temperature control accurately and steadily.

3,The position of cover tape can make fine adjustment by adjust the tension of the moving cover tape, count by fiber-optical sensitive and equipped with leakage detection make braiding accurately.

4, Moving tape speed can be adjusted continuously and control by pedal, compatible with all ELA-481 standard plastic reels.



Size: 1650mm(L)*460mm(W)*580mm(H)

Feeding: suitable with ELA-481 standard wheel and cover tape

Tape width: 8mm-88mm

Power supply:AC220V,50Hz

Pressure: 3.0kg/cm2

Temperature control: two heads and independent PID temperature control,temperature range is 20-200

Taping speed: 3000-7000pcs/hr,According to specific component

Calculator: count by fiber-optical sensitive

Package type: self-adhesive or hot press

Weight:  50kg

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