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Băng dính chịu nhiệt

Polyimide tape ("Kapton") is used for masking of PCBs during soldering process and other high temperature applications.


* Materials: Polyimide film and silicone adhesive

* Withstands high temps (260oC/ 500 F)

* Dielectric properties

* No residue even after exposure to high temperatures or chemicals

Typical applications:

    * Protects gold contacts during wave solder
    * High temperature masking
    * Insulation of printed circuit boards

Standard tape:

 Product code

 ET-KT633              Kapton Tape

Adhesive Kapton Tape 6mmx33m; Polyimide film with siliconeadhesive, thickness:0.075mm                                                                       

ET-KT1033 Kapton Tape Adhesive Kapton Tape 10mmx33m; Polyimide film with siliconeadhesive, thickness:0.075mm


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