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Máy cắt băng dính AT80 (Automatic Tape Dispenser)



This model of tape dispenser has two type, AT80-A and AT80-B, they have the same appearance but different feature.

AT80-A is suitable for cutting adhesive tape; AT80-B is Suitable for cutting protective film, adhension tape.

Features in common

  • Cutting wide tape the maximum width can be 80mm
  • Security design, absolutely safe
  • Manual Mode&Automatic Mode
  • Cutting time interval can be set arbitrarily (0.1s~99.9s)
  • Length (40~999mm) freely set.


Standard specification:

Model AT-80 A(B)
Output power AC220V/50Hz AC110V/60Hz
Cutting tape type Apply for protective film and non-adhesive tape
Cutting width 15-80mm
Cutting length 40-999mm±1
Applicable tape core diameter 25/32/75
weight 12KG
Applicable tape max outer diameter 130mm

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