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Máy đo lực HF



The force gauge has advantages of high precision, easy operation and carry. What's more, it has

kinds of testing modes, convenience for conner and it can store and input data to computer for

statistical analysis as well as constitutes testers with different functions, combinating with test-beds and clamp. Users can input local acceleration of gravity value to make test more precise.

Functional characteristics:

1. High precision and high resolution.

2. Five testing modes and three display methods for selection

3. N (Newton), kg (Kilogram) and lb (Pound) three measuring units for selection and conversion.

4.Setting function of gravity acceleration

5. Function of peak value maintaining.

6.Automatic peak function.

7.Max and min and comparison value can be set for statistic analysis.

8. Data storage function. 896 testing values can be stored.

9.Data output function. The data can be input into computer through data line for various analyses.

10. Environmental protection.

11. High quality chargeable power supply.

12. 6 digits large screen display.




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