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Máy đo lực phương thẳng đứng



ASC side shake test stand is specially design for the NK and HF series force gauge to make up of different use test equipment doing the push pull force insertion force and destructive experiment. During show the force value, also can install staff gauge to show displacement value at the same time, and lock the stroke, carry on compare test under the same displacement value in different work.

•Big machine base, good stability, suit to use in indoor test.
•Trapezoidal screw rod rotation, hand wheel loads side, operated simply and stably.
•Matching the moveable base, can realize left and right, front and back movement, convenient to install exactly.
•Can install on the floor (tabletop) to use, causes operate more firmly. •Matching digital staff gauge, collection stroke data at any moment.


1.Capacity: 500N
2.Stroke: 90mm
3.Dimension: 255x240x550mm
4.Weight: 12KG
Diagram Structure:

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