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Kính hiển vi MOTIC SMZ-161 BP






Employing the Greenough stereoscopic optical system, the Motic SMZ-161 series stereomicroscopes enables large-scale zoom ratio with the clearest distortion-free image that has a high depth of field. SMZ-161 offers the best performance of a zoom ratio of 1:6, with high resolution and a long working distance.


SMZ-161 displays sharp, three-dimensioned images and wide field of view. Designed with the ideal eye point of 367mm and a comfortable viewing angle of 45°, which meets the ergonomic requirements, the SMZ-161 enables prolonged hours of viewing without discomfort felt by the neck and shoulder. The SMZ-161 is mainly used for industrial applications, allowing the user to observe assembly and inspect small parts or integrated circuits on PCB, LCD production line, as well as the detection of precision parts for mechanical machining. The SMZ-161 is also compatible with a large number of accessories to fit a wide range of applications.


Motic SMZ161-BP Configuration


  • Objective Lenses: 0.75x - 4.5x zoom built-in objective provides continuous magnification. Zoom ratio of 1:6. Viewing head rotates 360°.
  • Eyepieces: Includes a pair of widefield 10x eyepieces, FN20. Additionally choose from optional paired widefield 10x (FN23), 15x (FN16), or 20x (FN13) eyepieces that are 45° inclined, with dual diopter adjustments, interpupillary adjustment from 50mm to 75mm. Available in binocular or trinocular.
  • Total Magnification: Zoom range of the following: Please view the magnification chart above for full options.
    • 10x eyepieces - 7.5x - 45x
    • 15x eyepieces - 11.25x - 67.5x
    • 20x eyepieces - 15x - 90x
  • Stand: Post stand has large working surface sturdy base.
  • Working Distance: 110mm
  • Focusing: Large dual focusing knobs with slip clutch to prevent damage to mechanism. Tension adjustment eliminates focus 'drift'.
  • Illumination: None included. Recommend either LED ring light or 150w halogen dual pipe light.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty.



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